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[SNAG-View] StatusTray Version 1.2.0

Invisible changes

Upgrading to the version will cause many invisible changes to the StatusTray.

These changes ensure a faster start-up and better handling of system resources.
In addition, we are laying the first stone for further features of the application, e.g. full integration into the taskbar of the operating systems.
This creates a seamless integration of the application into everyday life and thus allows the head to be free for the essentials.

Visible changes

The StatusTray is also convincing in version 1.2.0 with visible changes:

  • Save the settings dynamically
  • Customizable background of SNAG-View logo (light / dark)
Figure 1: Widget with dark logo background
Figure 2: Widget with dark logo background
  • Freely selectable customer logo can be displayed on the left side
  • Change the height of the widget
Figure 3: Log widget height for maximum-free workspace!


Figure 4: Only the information that administrators need - problems at a glance in the smallest widgeth height.

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