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[SNAG-View] Tip of the month – multiple Dashboards and Start views

Want to define multiple dashboards? No problem! This is possible as of SNAG-View version 3.6.0.

Figure 1: multiple Dashboards

Use the Dashboard Manager to open the User menu (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: User menu -> Dashboard Manager

This is where you can, for example, create new dashboards or assign a user group.

Figure 3: manage Dashboards

It is now also possible to define tabs which open automatically (views) when a user logs in.

Figure 4: Start views

You can choose between two behaviour types:

  • Recently opened views: All views that were open are restored on reloading the interface.
  • Certain views: All defined views are loaded

The following views can be selected as Start views:

  • Service browser
  • Service group list
  • Host list
  • Host group list
  • Dashboards
  • Favourites

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