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[SNAG-View] Dynamic maps: the Template Configurator

The Template Configurator: Faster approach to drawing dynamic maps

Figure 1: Configuring templates

Templates are pre-defined objects which can be used in conjunction with the Object Browser. They speed up the process of creating dMAPS by saving a huge amount of the time normally spent composing the various views. For example, it is possible to use the Object Browser to add a host with the view forms label and status simultaneously as a group (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Adding an object by means of a template

Creating an using a new template

Figure 3: Creating a template

The first step is to define a template name. Next, select a basic object. This is the central object about which you can place child objects. Each of these objects can be modified in the attributes section. In this example, a bold font of the Label type is set for the child object.

Figure 4: Change attributes

After saving the newly created template, it can be used in dynamic map processing:

Figure 5: use Template

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