Network Discovery


What is NeDi?

NeDi is an open source network discovery, management, and inventory software for network components. NeDi has an SQL backend and a user friendly web-based interface. The web interface supports searching for and viewing all information found. NeDi is based on SNMP queries. Besides the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), it supports the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) used by other manufacturers.

NeDi is a valuable tool for troubleshooting in the network area. It offers network interface card and config file management, NetFlow management, information on connected nodes (hosts) and performance graphs.

SNAG-View and NeDi

NeDi is fully integrated with SNAG-View and is one of the basic SNAG-View modules. The network can be scanned with NeDi and the network devices discovered can be adopted into SNAG-View monitoring. NeDi can be used to its full extent and the NeDi views can be created as bookmarks in SNAG-View.


Gold Partner

Sector Nord AG is a NeDi partner of the first hour. The NeDi web interface has been integrated with the SNAG-View interface since version 2.5 and does some excellent work there, investigating and monitoring the networks of SNAG-View customers.

SNAG-View customers benefit directly from the close cooperation of the two projects and the long-term partnership with Remo Rickli. They can use the Pro version of NeDi, which offers numerous benefits compared with the open source version.


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