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SNAG-View is a monitoring suite based on open source tools and developed by Sector Nord AG. SNAG-View helps you monitor complex IT infrastructures. The Nagios check engine forms the basis for this. But SNAG-View is much more. SNAG-View helps you to visualise your IT infrastructure, keeps you up-to-date with notifications, and puts all data at your fingertips thanks to intelligent interfaces.

SNAG-View can monitore

Operating systems

Windows, Linux, MacOS ...


MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle ...


ERP systems







Server, Switches, Clients...


VMware ESX, VMware View

Work with SNAG-View

basic functions


SNAG-View's dashboard management offers users the ability to create a fully customisable interface. Virtually any view can be placed and arranged on a dashboard window. Each user can manage their own dashboards to create a personal overview of the operations that are monitored in SNAG-View. All views can be arranged using drag and drop. The elements they contain are stored separately and restored at login time.


Service browser

The service browser provides a clear display of all the hosts managed in SNAG-View and their services. As SNAG-View's monitoring view, the service browser - as well as the dashboard - is always enabled when starting SNAG-View. It provides a variety of filter options for optimally customising the view to any need.


A lot of useful information that you have in sight the whole time can be displayed in the SNAG-View header using the widget. The displayed widgets can be customized centrally very easily using the widget control.



Important properties (e.g., contacts, technical data, etc.) can be linked with SNAG-View objects using the wiki module. This information is available in the wiki module or in the detailed views of the individual hosts and services. An overview page helps the user keep track with all existing divisions, articles and sub-articles in a tree structure.


community plugins

Thanks to its Nagios core, SNAG-view is compatible with all plugins from the Nagios community. After successfully importing the plugin, the checks provided by the plugin can be created and configured in the SNAG-View web frontend.

Example: Check http


Overview Dynamic-Map
Map example


Impact Analyzer
OTRS Integration

SNAG-View Module

Mobile App

The mobile app provides access to SNAG-View via a page optimised for smartphones and tablets. In addition to many other features, the user can access the status of hosts, services and groups, or their detail views via the mobile app.

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Some of our reference customers

Reference Stories

MSP is a subsidiary of WESER KURIER and NORDWEST-ZEITUNG. As an innovative, growth-oriented IT service provider, we support leading media companies in Germany and Switzerland in shaping their digital future.

Why are the ITSM solutions of SECTOR NORD in use at MSP?

As a full-service provider, MSP requires automated service processes (24-hour operation with on-call duty) as well as transparent monitoring and reporting for its customers - furthermore, distributed administration by the employees responsible for the product.

The ITSM solutions of SECTOR NORD enable us to reliably meet these requirements for many years!

Carsten Zeug, MSP Medien Systempartner GmbH & Co. KG, Bereichsleiter Managed IT Services MSP

The Perschmann Business Services GmbH was founded in 2018 as Shared Service Center for the entire Perschmann Group. It provides a wide range of services such as finance, controlling, IT services, marketing and HR- or facility management. By bundling and centralizing the various service processes, the other companies of the Perschmann Group can focus on their respective core business.

2011 SNAG-View was put into operation. Today, 230 hosts and 1425 services are linked in monitoring. In addition, 2 Gearman-Workers provide distributed monitoring at the locations Nuremberg and Berlin. Thanks to the 2019 implemented ((OTRS)) Community Edition it is also possible to coordinate appointments, resources and facility management more efficiently.

OpenSource products together with the know-how of SECTOR NORD offer us the greatest possible flexibility.

Holger Meyer, Perschmann Business Services, IT-Administrator

The amedes group is a medical service provider and was founded in 1987. The company currently has 3,500 employees and 60 practice and laboratory locations in Germany and Belgium. Approximately 150,000 samples are processed every day and in the field of clinical medicine about 450,000 patients are treated per year.

SNAG-View 3.7 was introduced at the amedes group in April 2018 and runs under Centos 7 as a virtual machine. Currently, about 800 hosts with 2,500 services are monitored. In addition to monitoring the hosts and services of the amedes group, the visualization of the results is the main focus. This requirement was successfully implemented with the feature "Dynamic Maps".

With Dynamic Maps the status of all 60 locations is visualized. The created dynamic maps show the status of the local IT systems per location. The status of the WAN connections (i.e. the accessibility of the firewalls and routers) to the locations can be seen at a glance. In addition, geographical responsibilities can be conveyed by displaying them on maps.

Compared to the previous solution, the presentation of the status of the individual sites is clearer and problems can be identified more quickly.

Heiko Schönfeld, IT-Administrator

Sector Nord AG

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