Release Notes SNAG-View Minor 3.8.1


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Precache and export improved and stabilized => less precache and nagios export problems
  • [IMPROVEMENT] New icon "failed precache" for superuser to see failed precached objects and restart caching of only these objects
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Job execution improved => running more stable, better job monitoring

  • [BUG] Log Revision shows only 1.000 entities
  • [BUG] Downtimes can not be displayed if there are too many
  • [BUG] Creating downtime for multi-selection fills only the first as selected downtime object
  • [BUG] Export fails if hosts services are in different service groups

Dynamic Map

  • [BUG] Map object tooltip (mouseover) shows every status as "pending"
  • [BUG] Widget doesn't show chosen map
  • [BUG] Paging of object browser broken with higher list size than 50


  • [BUG] Eventlog list filter for hostname, timestamp etc. broken
  • [BUG] Numerical comparison stops event processing
  • [BUG] Nedi poll events doesn't connect to the correct host
  • [BUG] Events are not mapped to host if host is changed via filter actions
  • [BUG] Filters cannot be created via context menu
  • [BUG] Cannot change the name of copied filters


  • [IMPROVEMENT] frontend info if provided user/password are invalid


  • [BUG] Problems for not-superuser not displayed initially


  • [IMPROVEMENT] runs native under PHP7.2


  • [BUG] Location only has two decimal places which leads to inaccurate positions


  • [BUG] Hostlist report has missing status information
  • [BUG] Jasper report execution does not finish