Release Notes SNAG-View Minor 3.7.2


  • CentOS7
  • REHL7
  • SLES12

Dynamic Map

MAP-690: Consider height and width when using templates for images

MAP-736: Grouped objects should not be movable on layers

MAP-755: Attaching objects with attached objects breaks the map

MAP-780: After color-choice "status color" one cannot enter another color-code

MAP-798: "svmap thumbnailer --start" should check for dead redis checks in the past

MAP-799: Objects out of available Dynamic Map space

MAP-818: Copied readonly-role with added NAGIOS::COMMAND::USE right disables users to access service instances

MAP-820: Storing map with case insensitive already used name leads to MySQL UniqueConstraintViolationException

MAP-822: Cursor keys cannot be used in dynamic map macrotext fields

MAP-729: Template-Editor has 'Basic shape'-type always in English for saved templates

MAP-785: "Label ""Verbingungsmodus"" instead of ""Verbindungsmodus"" in configuration"


NEDI-38: NeDi-connection should not be assigned when copying hosts

NEDI-171: Import dialogue not finished/closed when importing small amount of objects

NEDI-182: NEDI/Traffic Error - Timeout when fetching large amount of data


SEA-220: List size changes after deleting events

SEA-229: Eventlog bubble does not work

SEA-238: Eventlog export not possible

SEA-239: Eventlog-filters cannot be saved


SLAR-157: SLAs should not be assignable to service instances


SNMP-289: Error when no host selected

SNMP-311: SNMP v3-checkcommand has no for v3 neccessary -L parameter included

SNMP-293: SNMP Tab for creating host not in German

SNMP-299: Missing english translation for SNMP-Agent Configuration tooltip


SV-14172: Last auth-type is not set

SV-14315: Different users can have the same username

SV-14322: "Fallback"-address does not work in notification routes

SV-14550: Tabs opened via bookmark does not have tab icon

SV-14600: Dynamic bookmarks should not have the menu entry "edit bookmark"

SV-14774: Assigning a dashboard to oneself leads to error message

SV-14902: Vowel mutations break search queries (only firefox)

SV-14947: Icon of reassigned bookmarks get not replaced

SV-14967: Maximum number of characters in dynamic custom variables should be 1024

SV-14992: NeDi on dashboard opens second tab

SV-15007: Duplicate authtoken brings up backend error message

SV-15049: Remove delete buttons/entries for service instance objects

SV-15122: Downtime form should not be completely reset on "Create another"

SV-15083: Downtimes can be created with end time before start time

SV-15142: Hostgroup widget: Shows softstate even though hardstate box is checked

SV-15186: Columns can not be re-displayed if all columns were deselected before

SV-15190: Check-Window on the dashboard isn't scaling correctly

SV-15214: Deleting more than one authtoken at a time does not work

SV-15337: "Expand All" does not work for user editing dialog window

SV-15368: Downtime view does not show amount of downtimes to delete via context-menu

SV-15377: No error message when trying to deactivate host with children

SV-15382: Host overview - Duration - On - Today does not work properly

SV-15385: Can't unassign all hosts in hostgroups members field

SV-15395: Type Error in ObjectAdmin

SV-15401: Transaction warning does not appear in gui for objects which are blocked in other transactions

SV-15414: Inheritance does not work for several fields/parameters

SV-15418: Downtime view does not show all downtimes without export

SV-15421: Performance compilations can't be created with IE

SV-15427: Adding same host group to members of an existing host group corrupts the group

SV-15430: Serviceprofile: Deleting service in copy-mask ends up in deleted original service

SV-15453: Background jobs show wrong timestamp for scheduled jobs

SV-15462: ObjectAdmin should not offer ability to create services over servicetemplate mask

SV-15477: PerformanceModule ignores objects inheriting the 'gather performance data' value

SV-15480: No user feedback when trying to delete objects for which you don't have the delete permission

SV-15482: Lost information from snmp traps caused by angle brackets

SV-15486: Downtime icon for fix downtimes missing in info items

SV-15487: It's possible to create downtimes with absurd indication of time

SV-15491: user / usergroups can't be created multiple times in ObjectAdmin

SV-15492: Global search sets percent for spaces

SV-15500: Check command information can not be fetched on some services

SV-15531: Hosts can not be copied

SV-12539: Missing translations for notifications

SV-14945: Typo in Dashboard Assign

SV-14948: Typo in Bookmark deletion

SV-15373: Missing translations for tab-contextmenu

SV-15384: Login type is "lokal" instead of "local" in english SV

Impact Analyzer

SVBPM-218: Create category on another category should create subordinated category

SVBPM-241: Widget preference dialog for deposited object not translated correctly

SVBPM-244: Tree view position does not get stored if configured

Dynamic Groups

SVDG-25: "AND" conjunctions bring wrong members in dynamic group assignment rules

SVDG-29: Members field should not be visible on dynamic host groups

SVDG-34: Dynamic groups can be saved without any filter-definitions and cause error in member-calculation

SVDG-37: IP-range filter does not include "start" and "end" address, only everything in between


SVGM-66: Worker allocation screen not working in hostgroup/servicegroup config window


SVJIRA-26: Date is a month behind

SVJIRA-27: Action config shows template id instead of name


SVOTRS-98: Translation mistake for OTRS notification templates


SVR-208: "Servicegroup Availability Period" report can not be created in jasper server