Release Notes SNAG-View Minor 3.6.3


  • CentOS7
  • REHL7
  • SLES11

## Core
Bug    SV-15372 Object permission for an object can not be set if they have been deleted once
Bug    SV-15371 Sorting of services in service profile is not working as intended
Bug    SV-15364 Schedule creation not working
Bug    SV-15361 Availability tab tries to load information for deactivated objects
Bug    SV-15360 Availability tab of hostgroups can not be opened if one host has not existed in the chosen period
Bug    SV-15348 The import gui is broken
Bug    SV-15346 Recuring downtimes multiply themself
Bug    SV-15338 Wrong owner for /var/tmp/snagview-proxy/ files
Bug    SV-15329 No flags for servicegroup-acknowledgement/-downtime
Bug    SV-15327 Startviews with english tab-titles in german language
Bug    SV-15305 Resolve command does not work for objects without an checkcommand
Bug    SV-15297 Freshness threshold: Wrong unit
Bug    SV-15296 Deletion dialog for custom variables is not translated into english
Bug    SV-15294 LDAP: New users are disabled by default
Bug    SV-15293 Mediamgr: Wrong location (Cluster)
Bug    SV-15288 Notification for sub-groups of servicegroups does not work
Bug    SV-15251 Notification simulation is not working correctly with timeperiods
Bug    SV-15156 Case-sensitive sorting of service instances in serviceprofile-configuration
Bug    SV-15054 Impossible values in recurring configuration possible
Bug    SV-14556 Wrong default logo for hostgroups
Bug    SV-13823 Removing a service from a copied host during copy process deletes service on template host
Bug    SV-12263 Lists in the object admin do not use the user defined list size

Bug    SV-15370: Removal of self references and back references not working correctly on deleting the referenced object

Bug    SV-15332 Translation: Missing translation for "Performance Daten Zusammenstellung"
Bug    SV-15194 Translation: Editmask Host
Bug    SV-15055 Translation: Recurring downtimes time periods
Bug    SV-15196 Translation: Creationmask Host

## Eventlog Agent
Bug SEA-232    Update perl-MongoDB
Bug SEA-227    Eventlog export not possible and blocking 'Full-Sync'
Bug SEA-145    Hostname sync for agents is broken

Improvement    SEA-204    Task Scheduling - Clean eventlog - Extend the clean-up function
Improvement SEA-230    Plugin: Output of the last bad message

## ModGearman
Bug VGM-65 Graph queue doesn't work

## Geomap
Bug SVGEO-88 Context menu not openable
Bug SVGEO-85 New objects are added automatically to the map on point (0|0)

## Impact Analyser
Bug SVBPM-240 Objects are wrongly referenced

## Organizer
Bug SO-4 On creating attendances the user list is not filtered on choosen team

# Location map
Bug SL-87 Plugin can not calculate status of a location

## Notify SMS
Bug    NTYSMS-25 Translation: Missing for changing sms number in user settings

## Nedi
Bug    NEDI-183 It is not possible to create traffic services for interfaces with a slash (/) in its name

## Dynamic Map
Bug    MAP-750    Dynamic maps can not be opened from dashboard wigdet
Bug    MAP-733    Filtering in object type dropdown is not possible