Release Notes SNAG-View Minor 3.6.2


  • CentOS7
  • REHL7
  • SLES11


  • Braintower are now supported



SNAG-View Core x 81 translation tickets
SNAG-View Core x Changed php compiler
SNAG-View Core SV-15250 sv-php-resque init skript does not provide correct boot startup-behaviour
SNAG-View Core SV-15254 Create Downtime is missing in the command-menue
SNAG-View Core SV-15210 Login since Update to SV3.6.1rel in IE 11.0.9600.18349XX not possible
SNAG-View Core SV-15182 Incomplete list of hostgroups in notification-rules
SNAG-View Core SV-15147 Dashboard widget titles are not applied on dashboards
SNAG-View Core SV-15145 Tab switcher options "ignore dashboard" and "ignore servicebrowser" do not work
SNAG-View Core SV-15119 Filter in host-overview: last check "on: today" does not work
SNAG-View Core SV-13756 Remove Debug-View as it is deprecated
SNAG-View Core SV-15213 Host(s) in IE 11.0.9600.18124 not editable - cache:warmup for regaining editability (all browsers) neccessary
SNAG-View Core SV-14906 Resetting configuration dialogs does not work correctly for parameters and checkcommands
SNAG-View Core SV-15301 Simple rights can not be set for new users
SNAG-View Core SV-15300 Object permissions are not saved for new groups
SNAG-View Core SV-15303 SV frontend error on opening host details tab of idoit hosts
SNAG-View Core SV-15143 Notifications: help-button links to "First steps"
SNAG-View Core SV-15185 Permissions of assets/modules.css are wrong
SNAG-View Core SV-15304 Old downtime comments dont vanish
SNAG-View Core SV-15309 New downtimes are sometimes not displayed
SNAG-View Core SV-13481 Configuration backup does not work
SNAG-View Core SV-15312 Remove deprecated service:instance:enqueuegenerator from /etc/cron.d/snagview
SNAG-View Core SV-15334 Host & Services - Acknowledge Problems"-Button does not work
SNAG-View Business Process Monitor SVBPM-235 Definition of service instance logics not editable
SAP Iframe SVPSST-65 Don't override db-settings on update
SNAG-View DynamicMap MAP-779 Bold lettering is not possible although it is activated
SNAG-View DynamicMap MAP-792 Map in Map - Wrong status
SNAG-View Jasper Reporting SVR-201 Wrong permissions for tmp-reports (reports can't be download)
SNAG-View Jasper Reporting SVR-199 Report timeperiod error
SNAG-View Mobile AddOns MOBILE-83 Although an expired session you can navigate
SNAG-View Nedi NEDI-178 NeDi: Create Traffic-Services doesn't works
SNAG-View Nedi NEDI-180 NeDi Object reference search doesn't work
SNAG-View Organizer SO-90 Notification rule becomes broken when using Organizer-team
SNAG-View Organizer SO-65 Deletion of dutys - window does not close
SNAG-View SLA Reporting SLAR-148 Frontend error after moving svcollect db to a separate server
SNAG-View Snmp Agent SNMP-303 Create Traffic-Services as Host-Services