Release Notes SNAG-View Major 3.9


Server-Configuration consolidated

We have consolidated the several configuration files for SV3 and its modules into a single configuration spot under /etc/snagview/snagview.ini.



MySQL is now used in version 8. Support for previous version is dropped with SNAG-View 3.9.

Due to this change all MySQL-User accounts have to be updated with new passwords during the update.

MongoDB 4

MongoDB is now used in version 4. No further adjustments are necessary.

Decoupling of databases

MySQL as well as the MongoDB can now be outsourced to dedicated machines to spread the load to improve the overall performance.


Inside the group list views (Host- and servicegroups) one can open a new panel showing the nesting of the groups inside each other. With this clear tree-view the list view can be filtered, to see which groups are in which.

Further improvements

  • Extension of the SNAG-View base version by adding following modules:
    • <Liste bitte hier einfügen>
  • ESX cluster: It is now possible to use a license with multiple host-ids, so the same license can be used across a non homogenious ESX cluster
  • Host notes macro added to notification templates
  • As admin one can restart failed background jobs from the "background jobs" window

Fixed bugs

  • Shown number of background jobs not corresponding to shown jobs in list
  • Neb:Gateway fails erratically
  • Not able to execute eventlog-checks on RHEL 7
  • In the mobile app acknowledging is not possible
  • Notification rule with a match on SNMP data can not be opened
  • Map widget tooltip shows empty state
  • Alphanumerical sort of service instances not working
  • Sound widget sometimes fails to alert
  • Perfdata view can be opened by user without right on it
  • Service instance prefixes are missing in servicegroup member selection form
  • In the mobile app selecting a hostgroups sets filter for host overview and host list
  • In the mobile app explicitly hidden services are shown
  • Jasper report module can not be opened
  • Pressing cancel button does not close otrs note form popup
  • Export needs to be triggered multiple times to activate changes
  • Export icon turn yellow without user interaction
  • Column "object" does not filter correctly in revisionlog
  • Status widget not visible for user with "read_only" role
  • Removing dashboard widget shows "Widget added" message
  • CentOS/RHEL 7 does not show SNAG-View updates under "systeminformation"
  • Mediamanager does not provide "uploaded by" information
  • Host overview filter for "alias" does not work
  • Special characteres in plugin outputs are double encoded in database