Release Notes SNAG-View Minor 3.6.1


  • CentOS7
  • REHL7
  • SLES11



SNAG-View Core SV-15160 API: Can not create Downtime
SNAG-View Core SV-15152 Error with encryption / Downtimes
SNAG-View Core SV-15154 Error displaying downtimes
SNAG-View Core SV-15180 SV 3.6.1 can't be installed (new installation)
SNAG-View Core SV-15148 RuntimeException A connection to a HostEntity is missing!
SNAG-View Core SV-15159 Error during conversion to UTF 8 when updating to 3.6.0
SNAG-View Core SV-15099 Frontend: Redis error message
SNAG-View Core SV-15139 Create downtimes for multiple objects via listselections
SNAG-View Core SV-15179 Nagios ramdisk mountpoint has root as owner and wrong permissions
SNAG-View Core SV-14456 sql-Error on do-update
SNAG-View Core SV-15041 Withdrawal of a mass change
SNAG-View Core SV-15155 Deleted service profileprefix still in the server browser
SNAG-View Core SV-15162 No hostgroup (with serviceprofiles) can be added to a host (Hostediting)
SNAG-View Core SV-15070 Double entries in the time selection (periods) for performance data
SNAG-View Core SV-15158 Dashboardlogo on wrong layer
SNAG-View Core SV-15161 LDAP: No transfer of mobile number, if not present
SNAG-View Core SV-15110 The "Services - Define Fixed Downtime"-command for a hostgroups sets downtimes for hosts
SNAG-View Core SV-15095 Time periods can not be selected in the notification rules - Searching is not possible
SNAG-View Core SV-15114 Old downtimes are no longer displayed after the update from SV3.5.7 to SV3.6.0
SNAG-View Core SV-15178 SVCollect: Only the 24x7 time period should be aggregated (new SV-Systems)
SNAG-View Core SV-12798 Sorting of search-results-preview is case-sensitive
SNAG-View Core SV-15108 White font in socketserver-messages and edit-dialogs
SNAG-View Core SV-15168 Sorting the host group list by pages from A-Z instead of object-spanning
SNAG-View Core SV-15163 Downtime: Scheduling from "now" as default
SNAG-View Core SV-15181 Permission calculation job runs to often
SNAG-View Core SV-15116 Servicegroup-sorting by name is case-sensitive
SNAG-View Core


nagios-temp.cfg and nagios_objects-temp.cfg wrong export user
SNAG-View Core


Update predefined user roles
SNAG-View Core


Simple and Read Only Roles don't set SV::OBJECT::READ rights
SNAG-View Core


The nagios.log archives are not cleaned up
SNAG-View DynamicMap MAP-777 DynamicMap can not be opened if the selected iconset is missing
SNAG-View DynamicMap MAP-772 Thumbnailer can not be started and does not provide a reasonable message
SNAG-View DynamicMap MAP-775 Mouseover stops
SNAG-View DynamicMap MAP-762 Labels with an framethickness 0 are broken after saving
SNAG-View DynamicMap MAP-776 BP status is not displayed in the thumbs
SNAG-View DynamicMap MAP-788 svmap doctor:fixNames makes names broken
SNAG-View DynamicMap MAP-773 Special effects functionality doesn't work
SNAG-View DynamicMap MAP-769 Tooltips are rendered too fast
SNAG-View DynamicMap


Thumbnailer sometimes fails to reenqueue
SNAG-View Eventlog Agent SEA-219 Full synchronization does not synchronize the Event Log module
SNAG-View Jasper Reporting SVR-196 Preview is empty
SNAG-View Jasper Reporting SVR-195 SV-GUI: Too many timeperiods
SNAG-View Jasper Reporting SVR-190 SV-GUI: Big reports - Timeout
SNAG-View SAP Agent


Help-button for SAP help is missing
SNAG-View BPMon SVBPM-234 Loading the serviceinstances of a host takes a long time
SNAG-View BPMon SVBPM-230 BPMons in BPMons are always OK / green
SNAG-View BPMon SVBPM-227 Output of the plugin check_sv_bpmon does not return all objects