SNAG-View Agents

SAP Agent

The SNAG-View 3 SAP module offers a compact overview of the status of all SAP systems belong to a customer from the viewpoint of an SAP basis administrator. The status information automatically read out from the systems is presented in a convenient web interface. Many checks offer the possibility of simply double-clicking to output a live query and directly retrieve detailed information from the SAP system.

In addition to this, important information such as short dumps, cancelled update records and SAP system log messages are stored in the local MySQL database of the SNAG-View server. This information can thus also be retrieved if the SAP system is offline.
The SAP overview shows the most important information in the form of traffic lights. Different systems can be grouped according to various criteria.

Übersicht über sie SAP-Hosts
SNMP-Agent Übersicht

SNMP/Traffic Agent

The SNMP agent is used to read out the SNMP information of a host. It has a MIB browser which shows SNMP OIDs, as well as the structure of the MIB tree, as a function of the template selection.

The bandwidth utilisation of the individual interfaces can be monitored using traffic monitoring.

Eventlog Agent

The Eventlog Agent acts as an interface between SNAG-View and various event notification services and can process and filter messages from Syslog-NG, NeDi, SNMP traps and even email notifications

Eventlog-Agent Syslog Nachrichten